About me

I’m Sarah Davies and I live in the beautiful Suffolk countryside, near Ipswich, with my husband Paul, our son Samuel and our two dogs, Meg and Paddy.

After talking about it for many years, with much persuasion and a lot of nudges from those around me (not least my husband), I launched sjdphotography.

In 2017, the opportunity arose where I could finally take the plunge, and turn my love for photography into my profession. Up until this point, I could be best described as a keen amateur, shooting in my free time, on my travels and doing small jobs for people who knew me well.

Never one to follow the logical path, I graduated from university as a qualified teacher and became a gym instructor, whilst I underwent my application process into public service, where I spent 16 enjoyable years.

In recent years I decided I wanted to fully focus on photography (no pun intended!) and to run my own business. 

And so Here I am!


How did it all start?


My appetite for photography escalated after I took a career break in 2009.  I rented my house out, sold my car, booked a round the world ticket and went backpacking for 12 months, with my first digital SLR in tow. A trusty Canon D400, it was the ‘Jack Russell’ of cameras, hardy, dependable and unbreakable.  Remarkably it returned in one piece, as did I!

 At this point, I feel I should mention Meg. Being the aforementioned breed, she displays all these
characteristics along with the other classic terrier traits of mischievousness, bossiness, loudness and
 a general disregard for authority unless a significant reward may be up for grabs;
on her terms – naturally!


I’m still very much a Canon girl, now using a 5D MkII and an array of lenses. Canon are a great brand and very user friendly with a huge choice of product. I feel very comfortable using Canon and I know I can rely on my equipment wholeheartedly.


After reaching a plateau, I wanted to improve my photography further, in order to turn professional. I am currently o I am my biggest critic and I only feel happy undertaking work for somebody if I feel I can do it to a high standard. 

This is why I continue to invest time and money into my photography.

What makes me tick?


I love sports and travel, and I guess I can be considered as an ‘active relaxer’. 


In the last 10 years, I have completed 5 marathons and cycled across the UK coast-to-coast 3 times, all raising money for different charities. This year is no different as I have entered a local trail marathon, booked for June.  What have I done?!

I have tried various water sports, following in my husband’s footsteps, some with more success than others. As it gets colder, I love nothing more than to get up into the mountains, skiing and in more recent years, snowboarding.  

Unfortunately, age appears to sharpen your mind to your lack of immortality, and I think I’m slightly more risk adverse than I once was. However, I still love to get out on the next adventure - just don’t ask me to jump out of a plane or swing with a bungee around my ankles (I've got the T-shirt and it still fits!). 

Whilst I have a penchant for sport and action, the diversity and variety of opportunities in photography gives me an alternative kick.  

After all, variety is the spice of life, right?  

With every shoot, there are inherent variables that provide a constant challenge, enough to keep me on my toes.


In short, I love it!

Sarah Davies
October 2019